Friday, 21 June 2013

There will be (more) cake

iFreebies from Britmums live
I left Hubbie and the boy at home to their own devices today while I ventured out for the first day of Britmums Live. I knew they'd be fine as they smaller one had been such a beast with his Auntie yesterday that he had to have used up all the naughty by today. I found it hilarious when Hubbie explained that he'd last seen the coasters when our boy had been running through the house with them and they were probably somewhere near the JCB trucks.

While these interior design decisions were taking place I was making my way to the blogger conference that I'd bought my early bird ticket for in January. I signed up for a focus group thing and then promptly forgot all about it until earlier this week. Then I panicked as I realised that I didn't know anyone who was going or even where it was.

This morning I was awake early and went for a swim and came home to grab a cuppa and some toast before the boys offered to take me to that station. Then there was mad dash during which my son even managed to put this new shoes on the right feet - "son your shoes are on the wrong feet love" has been my most frequent refrain this week. I went to get my hair done for a confidence boost and left the salon looking very glamorous indeed. 

Small cakes on tiered cake stands By the time I arrived at the venue in trendy Barbican this afternoon I was pretty nervous, but distracted by the fact that on my day off from work I was spending it less than a mile from where I work. On my way there I walked through a food market that smelled gorgeous, but I didn't dare stop and get anything even though I'd had no lunch.

My nerves hadn't entirely dissipated when I got there as I had booked a ten minute slot to pitch to a literary agent and as he was running behind I was waiting outside to be told it was my turn. By the time I was called I'd completely lost my nerve and decided not to talk to him at all. Instead I passed my slot to someone else who was far better prepared than me as she was clutching a synopsis in her hands. I'm sure my time will come to pitch, but today was not it. 

Over the course of a few hours I managed to acquire a free pack of nappies, cupcakes for my boys with a picture of a dog on them and some picture books to review. I'd also met some bloggers in person who I know from reading their blogs and that was quite exciting. I had a quick chat with the lovely Jennifer Jain while supping a glass of fizz and made plans to meet another blogger pal over breakfast tomorrow. As I pointed out to her I'll be the one stuffing pastries in my mouth (and probably handbag too !)

bowler hat and lipstick face on loo doorI'm off to bed now, but hopefully tomorrow I won't feel so tired and can tell you more about what happened.

For now I shall bid you a good night and sweet dreams.