Monday, 27 January 2014

The one where my son teaches me to ride a scooter

If you have a young child you've probably heard of micro-scooters - you probably even own one. We bought one for our son when he turned 3 and I took advice from another Mum who has two sons. She recommended the micro-scooter as the ones she bought her boys have lasted for years. I took her advice and didn't regret it as the customer service was great and the scooter was a big hit with our boy. 
The union jack limited edition micro scooter

Then I asked the lovely folks at Micro-scooters to help with the baton relay I'm taking part in for Sport Relief as part of Team Honk (see more about this on Wednesday in my official Honkopoly post). I was sent an adult scooter which is gorgeous and I now need to get my son to teach me how to ride it as it's been donkey's years since I rode a scooter - or maybe never, I don't accurately recall.

I also found out more about what Micro-scooters are doing to promote the Scooters for School scheme.  In essence it’s a chance for parents/teachers to earn money or scooters for their school. The school signs up to the scheme and is given a unique reference code - every time an order is placed on the website with that code 10% of the order goes back to the school. The school can then redeem the money for scooters or if they prefer, use the money for something else. Considering how many parents buy scooters it's a great fundraiser for schools. 

In addition to helping schools in the UK Micro-scooters also have a programme called Scooter Aid which donates used and repaired scooters to children in other countries. The scooters are distributed to communities in slums, orphanages, hospices or in some cases play centres for under privileged children. The aim of Scooter Aid is to try in some small way, to enable all children to have a chance to play and have fun regardless of income or living situation. What a wonderful way to reuse a scooter so that another child / children can benefit from it.

As you can tell I'm a big fan and I particularly like that they encourage safe scooting and offer the following tips on their online blog:

1. Always wear a HELMET when scooting particularly if scooting near roads. There’s lots of good stuff in your head, make sure you keep it there!

2. Never, ever, ever scoot on the road. Even for a second. The big cars, lorries and trucks will not appreciate it and neither will you or your scooter.

3. Always, no matter what, STOP at kerbs. Stop your scooter by bending your knees and pressing firmly on the brake. When crossing the road, dismount from your scooter.

4. Remember to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN before crossing the road.

5. When scooting on darker evenings make sure you can be SEEN and HEARD. Wear reflective clothing; add a bell and a light to your scooter.

Another tip they offer on the blog is how to do a backflip - I think I'd better master just riding in a straight line before I get too above myself and try this though !!

Scooters for Schools

Disclosure: The lovely folks at Micro-scooters have sent me an adult scooter to use for the Team Honk Baton Relay - Honkopoly - raising money for Sport Relief.

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