Tuesday, 2 December 2014

My boy - form an orderly queue now girls.

Me and the boy have some fun. At times we have a fraught relationship and things aren't always great, but there are times that make being his Mum incredible.

Since he's been at school there are days when I get an email from his teacher that begins with the words, 'It is with regret that I am writing to tell you..." and I hear about what naughtiness he has been up to that day.
I asked him if he'd been good at school and he replied with, "Did my teacher send you an email ?"
"No, I didn't see anything."
"I must have been good then." 
You can't argue with logic like that can you ? 

He met Father Christmas at Harrods - very nice by the way, would recommend. As he was having nice chat my boy told him we were seeing him again two more times.
"I'm seeing you next week at Birdworld and again in Cornwall."
So much for the magic of Christmas and willing suspension of disbelief. I tried to hide behind Sparkles the elf, but the big man took it in his stride and said he was looking forward to seeing my boy again. We picked up our goodie bag and sloped off to look at the Olaf soft toys while we waited for our photos to come through.

My little man meeting the big man
Then there are things my boy does that stun me. When we were waiting to see Santa at Birdworld the elf helper asked him what his name was. He told her then he spelled it out. All by himself. Me and Hubbie looked at each other open-mouthed and puffed up with pride.

We were sitting on the sofa in the front room when I asked if he was warm enough and he said he was. I mentioned my feet were cold. He wandered off.
"Here Mummy, put on your big fluffy socks."
Ladies and gentlemen - my boy.

Finally, we went to buy christmas cards for family members and he chose one for our next door neighbour Jill. He loves her very much so he chose a card that read Happy Christmas Grandma. When I said, "oh yes, because Jill is your pretend Grandma," he corrected me, "No Mummy, she is a real Grandma." Well, that made me choke up right there.
Snowball fun with Sparkles the elf
I'm going to remind myself of that next time we fall out over putting on socks or brushing teeth.

That boy has the makings of a really lovely young man. 


  1. Sounds like a lovely boy. Little man needs some redeeming features at the moment as he is driving me mad! xx

  2. He has his moments - I'm holding on to the good things to keep me sane when he's not being so great.
    Yep, I feel your pain xx