Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Christmas post featuring a cat - what more do you want from me ?

Two weeks today it will be Christmas Day. So are you ready for it ?

This time last year I was feeling pretty smug as I'd done my shopping, knew what everyone was getting, had cards ready to post and the house was looking pretty festive. Of course I wasn't working full time then so there was a lot more of me to go around.

So, how far have I got this year ? Well, there is a tree, there are some presents, cards are written, but not posted and don't even ask me what I'm packing for our first Christmas holiday. I - mistakenly - thought that going away at this time of year would make life simpler. It turns out that I still have to do  everything I'd normally do - just earlier. Not that much simpler then.

Do I feel I've got my head round this Christmas ?

I'll refer you to my friend for the truthful answer:

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