Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Air guitar, stage diving and visible pants: the Nativity uncut.

I'm not the first parent to watch their beloved offspring in a Nativity play and I'll by no means be the last. It was with some joy and expectation that I went to his school ready to see if he was a sheep or a cloud - we hadn't been given any hints you see - and sharpened my elbows to get to a seat at the front.

Once I'd assessed the room and placed myself where I could see the teeny tiny nursery children I waited with bated breath. Then the lights went down and the main cast arrived. Mary, Joseph, the wise men, the donkeys, the angels and assorted villagers. Dicky Attenborough would have been proud of the crowd scenes. Last, but cutest of all, the little stars arrived holding (pretend) candles and went to sit on the sides of the stage. My boy spotted me as he wended his way to the front and his face lit up and he waved - discreetly - at me. Remaining in character was so important to him that once he was on stage he went all method and ignored me.

Now, I've done my fair share of reviews having been an arts reviewer for various publications and also on my radio show, but this one was personal. So, taking into account that I have a family link to the show here are the highlights of my first nativity play as a parent.
  • The nose-picking child sitting at the front of the stage having a good old dig around and then noshing on the bogies. Not mine, I hasten to add.
  • One of the donkeys falling off the stage. I know this sounds cruel, but the padding prevented any serious injury - honest. 
  • A wise man crying at the side of the stage. Clearly the weight of responsibility took its toll on the poor little fella. 
  • One of the twinkling stars showing their pants - this isn't that unusual I know, but the boys getting so bored that they were lifting their t-shirts was just too funny. 
  • An air guitar section during the song 'glittering stars' which was the chance to shine for the nursery kids. My boy was a the back for the second performance of this so he held his air guitar high up so we could see it over the heads of the others. So proud :) 
All in all I have to say that it was a stunning debut and I'm keen to see what else this young whippersnapper will do in his potentially amazing career on stage. 

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  1. How wonderful, worth staying back to watch this! It makes me sad that I am going to my last one ever tomorrow before the triplets move up to secondary school. You have many years of great performances to come, though I must say it is the younger ones who make it, mistakes and all!