Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mumsnet bedtime stories

Mumsnet book of bedtime storiesOn a rare night out last week I was invited to attend the launch for Mumsnet Book of Bedtime Stories. It was one of the few times I've been into town after dark and there was wine and everything !

The book is the result of a competition that invited Mumsnet and Gransnet members to submit bedtime stories to be chosen for this compilation. I did consider sending in a story, but it's devilish difficult to actually write a story for kids ! Michael Rosen whittled down the twenty shortlisted stories to the ten that appear in the book and it must have been very hard to choose. I don't envy him the decision, but what a fun job to do.

The authors were all at the launch and I got most (if not all) of them to sign a book for my boy. I also chatted to some of the illustrators about the fact that the stories look absolutely beautiful and they are all so different. There is a nice range of styles and age ranges in this book so it will last for a while and would make a wonderful gift to give a child, a parent or grandparent or anyone who loves picture books.

I'm going to give a copy to Mother-in-law so that my boy has one for when he stays with her. It's like having ten picture books in one - a space saver too !! I'd suggest it would also work to take on holiday so you don't have to carry lots of books to keep your little ones entertained. I can see this book becoming a firm favourite in our house and I'm delighted I got to talk to some of the people who created it. It's inspired me to give writing a children's story a go, but I've got a long way to go before I'm as good as these guys ! 

Thank you to Hannah from Mumsnet for inviting me to the book launch :o)
Time for Bed from the Mumsnet book of bedtime stories

The 10 winning stories (in author alphabetical order) are:
  • Polly the Jumping Cow by Jools Abrams-Humphries 
  • Bedtime at the Lighthouse by Philip Bell
  • Time for Bed by Michelle Eckhaus
  • The Night Thief and the Moon by Katherine Latham
  • A Parcel for Theo by Claire McCauley
  • Princess Imogen's Independent Day by Christine O'Neill
  • The Dancing Bear by Suzy Robinson
  • The Sheriff of Rusty Nail by Sophie Wills
  • Celeste Who Sang to the Stars by Kate Wilson
  • Allie to the Rescue by Helen Yendall

If you are looking for a special and beautiful present for a child (or a grandparent) Click here to buy the book from Amazon

Mumsnet bedtime stories book

Disclosure: This is a personal review of the book - I was not paid to attend, but I did get a free book.

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