Monday, 7 October 2013

Could we BE any more like Monica & Chandler ?

Monica and Chandler arm wrestling - Warner Bros TV Like many others of my vintage I have watched every episode of Friends an insane number of times. Not for Rachel's hair, nor Joey's muscles, not even to watch Lisa Kudrow corpsing in almost every scene.


Around 9 years ago it occurred to me that Hubbie and I know pretty much all the dialogue from Friends and more worryingly we actually are Monica & Chandler.

If you think this is a bit far fetched allow me to present the evidence.

- Hubbie also does a job that no one understands, although he is not a transponster

- I am obsessed with cleaning and order. I don't make my own cleaning solutions, but I do have a dinner set that we *never* use

- When we got our test results from investigations into why we weren't getting pregnant Hubbie quoted the actual dialogue from the episode where Chandler finds out why they can't either

- we also decided to adopt, but we were not mistaken by the adoption agency for a vicar and a doctor

We are NOT like Monica & Chandler for the following reasons:

- Hubbie has *never* peed on my foot to relieve a jellyfish sting

- I do not have a secret cupboard filled with all my mess

- We did get pregnant and have our gorgeous boy

Talking of whom, in recent months it is becoming clear that our boy is Ross Geller

Ross Geller playing keyboards - Warner Bros TV- he takes forever to say a sentence, he starts talking and drifts off halfway through

- his keyboard playing skills while innovative and entertaining could not be described as good

- he loves dinosaurs (a bit obvious this one really)

And of course he's not like Ross because:

- he is our son and not my brother (that would be Eastenders wouldn't it ?)

So, we are in fact half of a family sitcom.

I'd rather be half of Friends than Outnumbered though :o)

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