Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Yes my cat has an advent calendar - what of it ?

At the moment every single day is a futile attempt to complete my to do list. Instead I just add the unfinished items to the one I write the next day. I mention this by way of apology for the infrequent posts at the moment. However, I don't want you to think I've forgotten you so here is a smattering of my thoughts over the last few days.

As it's Baby Boy's first Christmas with us I went a little overboard making sure both boys (and Hubbie) had plenty of advent calendars to enjoy. Hubbie even bought one for the cat - it is possible we've gone too far !

We always have the first daffodils in our front garden, but this was something of a shock to me. We have our first daffodil already in early December !!

I am now an aunty and it is possible I may have gone a little overboard on baby gifts for Christmas. This is only a small sample of what I've got for him. I'm not even sorry.

Before you judge I think I should mention that our cat loves us and we love him. He's so patient with us that when we decided to play Cataroo (like Buckaroo, but with a cat) he just went along with it.

I was popping some mince pies, teabags and a few chocolate treats into the food bank donation point at Waitrose this morning (everyone deserves a treat) when I spotted these tins already in there. I'm still baffled.

I promise to do better and will keep putting, 'write blog post' to the top of my list every day :)

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