Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The best things in life are these...

I've mentioned before that I don't do well with Christmas. Like a lot of people I get very stressed out and find that I just can't cope with the expectations of how good it should be. I have also had to accept in recent years that I really detest wrapping presents. I've found that watching Netflix while wrapping offers a great distraction and I can get lots done in record time.

The main pressure is to make sure it's perfect for the boys and I really want it to be special for Baby Boy as it's his first with us. Every now and then I will spot something that makes me smile and stops it all getting too much. I'm sharing some of these in the hope they will make you smile too.

Photo cards: 

My absolute favourite card this year is one with a photo of my gorgeous baby nephew on the front - I love it.

A close second is this one featuring a lovely police dog in the snow. It was given to us to say thanks for donating to a Christmas toy appeal. I especially like the spot of snow on the dog's nose.

Festive food: 

Ok, so food and Christmas are pretty much entwined. I don't do the cooking on Christmas Day so I don't worry about it at all - thankfully. Last weekend we visited the in-laws and I bought the most amazing dessert I've had in a long time. It's Ben and Jerry's peanut butter cup ice cream and if you like peanut butter I urge you to try it. I had to leave the rest of the tub in Mother-in-law's freezer so that I didn't finish it all !

Then on the way home we were behind this lorry - it made my day :)


I've always taken Big Boy to see Father Christmas - if you are a regular you will recall the year of 5 Santas I'm sure.  This year I have two boys to take and one who is not entirely keen on the big man so it's been a little challenging to get a smiley photo of them. Instead I have this one of them admiring the snow scene (ok, cotton wool) before going in to meet Santa. It's a start isn't it ?

The first Noel:

I went to try 'Clubbercise' last week (don't ask !) and on they way home I saw this. I like the subtlety with which it reminds us of the nativity.

This one - however - is even better. Enjoy.

Merry almost Christmas. 

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