Saturday, 23 May 2015

Don't ask how many candles on the cake :)

My lovely pampered nails :)
This weekend is that start of my birthday celebration extravaganza. I know it's undignified to make a big deal of your birthday when you're older than about ten, but I love it so shush !

My birthday was always at Whitsun half term so I rarely had to go to school on the day itself. One year - in 6th form - I actually did have school on my birthday as Whitsun was later that year and it was a shock to me. For a start I expected everyone to know it was my birthday and to celebrate it. I kept waiting for the big cake or for everyone to leap out from behind the common room easy chairs and shout 'surprise !' 

When I worked in the Civil Service I discovered that the Queen's official birthday falls around my actual birthday so I'd often get a day's leave. It was like having an official day off for my birthday - how cool is that ? 

So, now I'm far too old to have a birthday party with jelly and ice cream (like we did for my 21st - with Vodka jellies of course) and I'm a mum too, so I can't have anything just for me anyway. It's all about the boys saying things like, "Is that for me Mummy ?" "Where is my cake Mummy ?" "Why is everyone singing to me Mummy ?" Not content to accept this fact, however, I have ensured that I have plenty of fuss around the day I was born. The plan is as follows: 

Saturday: pampering day (hair, nails & facial) and date night 
Sunday: socialising with lovely friends 
Monday: moving the baby into his own room (YAY !!)
Tuesday: Big Bus Tour and river cruise
Wednesday: My actual birthday - there will be cake :)

I may be a little absent for few days so bear with me while I make the most of my birthday celebrations. I promise to save you some cake :)

I'm also taking part in #tkam re-read 

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