Monday, 13 October 2014

Happiness is...

Neo's idea of bliss

I watched my boy come into the room where we had his surprise party on Sunday and he stopped and stood just taking it in. Then he spotted me and ran over and gave me the biggest hug and his face broke into an enormous smile as all his little classmates ran over to hug him and wish him a happy birthday.

We've been planning this party for weeks now and it was like a military operation. I woke up on Sunday morning with an aching back and a long list of things still to do. All of that faded away as I saw him running wildly around with his friends playing games and enjoying himself.

It reminded me that I have to stop and take time to look around sometimes and remember the tiny things that make me smile and feel warm inside. Things like:

  • Climbing into the 'marshmallow bed' - the winter duvet newly unpacked and fluffed and the thick mattress topper that makes lying in the bed feel like being enveloped by a massive marshmallow.
  • Wearing one of Hubbie's jumpers or sweatshirts that's way too big for me - tucking my feet under and make a cocoon to get cosy in.
  • Showing my boy photos or videos of when he was a baby and his asking what he was like 'back then,' like it was donkeys years ago.
  • Catching the cat and the boy asleep on the sofa together, or watching TV or in the kitchen nabbing treats while they think I'm not looking.
  • Waking up to find my son asleep next to me and wandering downstairs looking for Hubbie only to discover him watching baseball with the cat sitting next to him.
  • Making a cup of tea and settling down to drink it while the boy is at school and Hubbie is at work - more than that, actually managing to finish the whole cup while it's still hot (ok, warm then).
  • Sitting inside in the warm listening to the rain outside pattering onto the windows and knowing there is nowhere I have to be other than where I am.  
and of course my personal favourite 
  • Going for a swim and having the whole pool to myself - bliss !  
So the next time the cat is sick in the house (like he was this morning) or Hubbie annoys me (like he did yesterday) or my boy is driving me spare (well, just don't ask !!) I'll remind myself of these lovely things and pop the kettle on. 

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  1. What a great list :) I can relate to most of those too, can't remember the last time I was a swimming pool on my own though - that does sound incredibly relaxing x