Saturday, 29 March 2014

One weekend, three Mums :)

This weekend it's Mother's Day (if you're in the UK that is - our American friends celebrate in May for some reason). It'll be my 4th one as a Mum and I've planned a lovely pampering day on Saturday which my Mum is coming to and then lunch with Mother-in-law on Sunday. We've kind of got the hang of this thing now. My first one was a little fraught as my boy was only 6 months old and while I enjoyed having a day of being pampered I did actually want to spend some of the day with my son and Hubbie.
Me and my Mum at West Pier Brighton
We are both lucky that we have our Mums and we make sure they are thoroughly spoiled and that they get to see their grandson, which is no less than they deserve. They seem to enjoy spending time with the boy and as time goes on it gets difficult to think of things they don't already have lots of. In the past I've deluged my Mum with scarves, chocolate, flowers and all manner of gifts. In recent years I've noticed that I have inherited a habit from my Mum and her Mum (my Naniji) of saying that I don't want anything. I never understood it, but as time goes on I notice that with Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and then my birthday in the space of 6 months it does get a little crowded and I don't need that much. We're still working our way through all the chocolate we got at Christmas so I've embargoed all chocolate gifts until after Easter. This also helps with my getting fit and training for the Moonwalk so double bubble.
Hubbie with Mother-in-law
I prefer to have some pampering and relaxation so that's what I'll be doing courtesy of my boys. The nice thing about having some time to chill out is that I get to reflect on how far we've come as parents and what my boy can do now that I catch myself being amazed by.

  • He can brush his own teeth. I remember when he didn't have any teeth
  • He chooses his own clothes - sometimes many times a day - and he checks himself in the mirror !
  • He asks questions and responds to the answers - I remember when he would burble and smile at whatever I said *sighs longingly*
  • He can use scissors - properly - this still makes me wince and I keep wanting to take them out of his hands
  • He can hold a conversation with a pilot, a cab driver or an airport official. I know adults who can't do this ! 
  • He knows to speak up and look at his grandparents who are deaf when he talks to them - he doesn't shout
  • He corrects me. Often. It drives me crazy
  • He calls for me when he is hurt or upset - it makes me feel important - one day he won't 
The thing I like the best is when he gives me a big hug and a kiss and says, "Mummy, I love you more than Jiggles." Jiggles is the bear he loves most in the whole world.

Whatever you do I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day :)

Me with my one day old boy

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  1. Haven't we come a long way as Mothers?! Lovely post which as always sums my own feelings up beautifully. Enjoy your Mother's Day lovely lady. Off to start mine. Wonder what my boys have in store for me xxx