Tuesday, 18 February 2014

He eats marmite and I'm the Crazy Cat Lady ?

I love my cat.

partners in crime
The way he wanders into a room and miaows "Hello" and when he is fed he miaows "thank you"

The way he has trained the boy to pilfer biscuits for him when we've said no

The way he twitches his nose when someone is eating marmite - he licked Hubbie's toast the other morning

The way he sits on the stairs staring at us when we look like we're going away

The way he comes running downstairs when we get home from being away then pretends not to care that we're back

The way he comes in wet from the rain and then miaows to be dried off with his warm towel

Most of all I love him because when I couldn't find him yesterday afternoon and I looked everywhere for him:

I looked in the garden

I looked on his bed

I looked on our bed


I found him on the boy's bed, snuggled up with a toy dog and a teeny tiny teddy bear.

This is why I love my cat :)

There's cute, then there's my cat :)

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  1. Ah. Tha't's made my day. He's gorgeous :)

  2. "He licked Hubbie's toast the other morning" Hahaha.

    If it tasted of Marmite no wonder he went to hide ;)

    1. He was sick on the bed today - it looked suspiciously marmite-y !!!

  3. Huzzah! I'm a crazy cat lady too!

    Yours looks like a proper character :) I hate not knowing where mine are, so totally know what you mean as well. We always have a small biscuit thief.... What's with cats and kids ganging up together?! Love this post, thanks so much for joining in :)