Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Sunny Sunday Scooter School

If you've been living in a cupboard under the stairs without internet access you probably haven't heard that I'm taking part in Honkopoly as part of the Team Honk Baton Relay on Wed 5th February. I asked the nice folks at Micro-scooters if they would help me out and they sent me an adult scooter to help me whizz round London with my fellow bloggers visiting points on the Monopoly board.

So last weekend my boy (who is three) took me and Hubbie out to practice riding a scooter. He took the lead and we followed in his (very fast and accomplished) wake. We live on a very steep hill and when we got back home I was very, very tired indeed.

A grown woman on a scooter. Honestly, that has to be worth sponsoring ? Sponsor me

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  1. Cannot wait to see all your antics tomorrow! And what a lovely way to spend an afternoon :) thanks so much for joining in! x

  2. Wooo scooter school! I tried my kids' Microscooters and just couldn't do it at all (I'm a muppet, mind) - hope you have a brilliant time tomorrow! #smallthings

  3. My husband has a scooter and used to go out all the time with my two boys scooting. He loved it. Hope it all goes well.