Friday, 23 August 2013

The Edge of The Sea for Hubbie and me :o)

Wedding Present at Brighton Beach gig Me and Hubbie are going to the Edge of the Sea 2 day festival in Brighton this weekend featuring Dave Gedge's bands Cinerama and the Wedding Present. We booked the tickets in January for both days and in order to make this happen my planning has been as follows:

  • asked the parents-in-law to look after our boy (father-in-law, or Captain America as I call him, is playing golf so it's mostly Grandma really)
  • checked my lovely friend Soraya in Lewes can put us up on Saturday night and we can leave the car at her house
  • gave Hubbie our itinerary for the weekend including options for eating
  • bought in food the boy likes to take to Grandma's
  • made sure the neighbours can feed the cat while we're away 

I'm already traumatised at the thought of being away from my boy for two days, but mostly because there's still so much to do before we get to see the Wedding Present live on Saturday evening.


  • Pack overnight bags for me, Hubbie and the boy - making sure we have baby monitor, night nappies, toothbrush and child sized toilet seat for the boy
  • Drive to Grandma's house and drop off the boy 
  • Get on the road to Lewes to drop off car and pick up keys to let ourselves in on Saturday night
  • Take train from Lewes to Brighton to the gig 
  • Chill out at the gig 


  • Brunch in Lewes
  • Back to Brighton for day 2 of the Edge of the Sea gig 
  • End of gig drive to Grandma's to be there when the boy wakes up in the morning


  • Surprise the boy when he wakes up 
  • Drive to my Mum and Dad's house for lunch 
  • Back home to be ignored by a moody cat and get ready for the week ahead. 

At some point I expect I'll relax and enjoy the bands at the gig - that's the intention anyway.

Whatever you're doing I hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend :o)

Boy sitting on the beach at Brighton

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