Monday, 8 May 2017

Why do kids do that ?

At the weekend my sister came over to see the boys and took them out for lunch. Hubbie went too and I got on with some sorting and shifting at home with the radio on. It made a nice change to have the space and time to do something and not worry about what the quiet was masking. If you have children you know the chill that runs through you when you realise the children haven't made a noise in a while and that can only mean bad news.

When they got back from Giraffe - full of chocolate, sweets and ice cream - I went outside to sort out the shed and to move the boys' den which I'll be painting in the next few weeks. While I was outside my sister got to experience the mayhem that is my boys at home together. When I came inside to check on everyone she asked if this is what they're usually like and I gave a pained smile. "Yes. That's why I'm always tired - and grumpy."

Breaking the law (sort of) 
I don't understand a lot of what my kids do. I'm not alone in this by any means. There are entire websites devoted to trying to make sense of children and recently a friend posted a meme on facebook about what Saturdays are like with and without kids. Oh how I laughed (while wiping away the tears) at the thought of being able to stay in bed past 6am on a weekend. As if.

There is so much I just don't get about my kids. It's not just because I was one of three girls and they are boys (although that is a whole other topic for another day). It's really a general bafflement. I'm sure some of these are familiar to other parents.

Brown Bear wore three pairs of underpants to school the other day. When I asked him he said it was to keep his bottom warm. I believe him, but it does seem a little extreme.

He also spends an inordinate amount of time doing his hair in front of the mirror - in order to attract girls I guess. Now he's lost most of his front teeth he's going to have to work on his charm to keep them interested.

Stripping off at the footie (it's ok it's only non-league)
Blue Bear has to get of the car from his brother's door. I have no idea why this is, but woe betide anyone who challenges this.

He also likes to pretend he's a random animal if he's in a situation that makes him nervous. This can involve crawling around on all fours or growling at people.

On the other hand this morning I heard Brown Bear talking quietly to this brother and saying, "listen to mummy." All is not lost. I just need to find someone to tell Brown Bear the same thing and hope that he listens to them.

They both hid inside a box - erm, I can still see you boys
I'm not sure I understand the mystery that is my children. Maybe it's good to have some unexplained chaos some of the time. Just not all of the time eh lads ?

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