Sunday, 15 February 2015

Not so much hearts and flowers as bolognese and bowling

So, after taking Hubbie breakfast in bed and going for run, I helped my boy make some valentines:


He carefully and precisely glued on some beautiful hearts and wrote lovely messages on the back.

My mini Mr Maker

We also made some chocolate crispy cake and the boy decorated then with mini marshmallows and glittery sprinkles:

Lucky lovely ladies

We all had a romantic spaghetti bolognese for dinner then the valentines were given to his lovely babysitters. Meanwhile me and Hubbie went bowling:

Snazzy shoes 

Hubbie made a strong start:

Let's Bowl !! 

Then this happened - yep I got a double strike !! 

Well, blow me down !

I'm pretty sure it's this sporty stance that worked in my favour: 

Watch me go !!

What do you know ? I won the game !!

Yep, that's me - the winner !!

Despite this face Hubbie was not - in fact - a sore loser :)

So not gloating that I won (ok, yes I am gloating) 

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