Thursday, 5 February 2015

A life in dance: From Madonna to Strictly

I'm not a natural dancer. I have neither the body for it nor the rhythm, but I do love dance and have done from way back when. 

In the '80s when Madonna was still wearing rara skirts, rubber bangles and those diamante boots that everyone had to have from Desperately Seeking Susan I was all about the funky leg warmers and ankle boots:

Then of course there were the uni years. It was a time of hard rock and some miserable goth music too, but mostly it was loud head banging music and long fringy skirts:

And post uni I was all about trying to be one of Prince's proteges. I knew I'd never been quite thin enough to be Mayte or Carmen Electra, but Wendy and Lisa inspired with their musical talent and seeming ability to work with him without ending up married to him:

Of course with the advent of girl bands it was all about girl power, but I'd always had a soft spot for Bananarama with their simplistic and barely choreographed dance style. I was pleased they'd moved on from wearing dungarees though :

Of course Baz Luhrmann changed everything with Strictly Ballroom which revived interest in the cheesy world of competitive ballroom dancing. Then when Moulin Rouge came out with the big anthemic dance numbers and flouncy outfits everyone wanted to wear beautiful dresses and do the tango:

And now ? Well on Sun 8th Mar I'll be at Wembley with thousands of other people dancing for 6 hours to raise money for Comic Relief as part of Team Honk. The dance styles and instructors will change every half hour so it's going to be challenging and hopefully lots of fun too. I'm not a great dancer, but I am keen and I'm really looking forward to taking part.

It would mean so much to me if you would consider sponsoring me to do this - I promise when I reach my target I'm going to make a video of me doing a dance as a thank you. Feel free to make requests - please note the more you pay the better your chances of influencing which dance I actually film :)

And now the one that got all of this started:

You can sponsor me here

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