Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Down on the farm at Coombe Mill

We've been preparing our boy for his visit to Coombe Mill for weeks now. I've talked to him about helping with the animals, how lovely it is in Cornwall and most important of all how he would have his own room with bunk beds. He woke up on Friday morning and shouted, "Is it holiday today Mummy ?" And it was.
Fun on the farm 

I love Cornwall and have never had proper time to explore until now. While I've been to Newquay, Padstow, the Eden Project and many other spots it's always been between working so it's not quite a holiday - mind you it's hardly relaxing taking a toddler who's finding it all for the first time !

Neo is on his hols too 

First we had to take Neo to Granny and Grandpa's for his mini break with them. As he's getting older now we didn't like to leave him at home with the occasional visit from someone to feed him. With the in-laws he will be fussed and spoiled which is exactly what he loves.  Then we got on the road early on Saturday morning and arrived to lovely sunny weather and our boy made himself at home straight away.
Jump around !!

He has enjoyed the many play spaces from the playground to the pirate ship and the green spaces outside where he can just kick a ball around - preferably not into the lake though son. It's even lovelier as the weather means he can play outside until quite late and he's tired out enough to go straight to sleep in the evening. Mind you I'm so exhausted I'm not far behind him !

Talking to the donkeys
Feeding the chickens
In the mornings he has been helping Farmer Nick feed the animals. It's a very responsible job and yesterday morning he also helped Farmer Jill drive the tractor pulling the trailer with all the farm helpers in. I'm so proud of how well he has listened and put up with some pretty grotty conditions on Sunday morning that left us all a bit damp and muddy. The sun came out though so we all dried off pretty quickly. 

Helping Farmer Nick feed the chickens
Little Farmer Big Farmer 

Just to prove it's not all work though we have been to the beach and he loved scootering along the cliffs at Polzeath. I was holding my breath the whole time, but hey that's just me :)

Scootering off into the sun

It is everything I had hoped he'd get from this holiday and we're not even halfway through yet. More next week...

This week's #countrykids post is from the home of our lovely linky host, Fiona of Coombe Mill 

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  1. So pleased you are enjoying your stay with us, and I can see from the smiles from your gorgeous boy that he is loving all the new and exciting experiences here on the farm and out and about. The best for me was seeing the excitement on his face pulling out of the car park driving the tractor. I hope the weather holds and the rest of your stay here is every bit as fun. Thank you for joining me on Country Kids with a very special post.

    1. It's my pleasure Fiona - we've been so lucky with the weather and he's having a wonderful time. If anything it's just all too much and he doesn't want to sleep !
      I can imagine he's going to be distraught on Friday when we tell him we're leaving.
      *whispers* I'm trying to talk Hubbie into coming back for Christmas !

  2. Oh it looks fantastic Swazi. I know my boys would love helping Farmer Nick. x

    1. I'm sure they would Louise. It's just so well set up for kids here. Makes life much less stressful for us too :)

  3. It looks amazing. I can't wait to visit. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

    1. I hope you get lovely weather as it's been wonderful going for days out. We're off to the beach for a lazy day today :)