Sunday, 29 June 2014

My 'Fairy' Tale Kitchen :)

Can you spot the cat in this picture ? 
During the day I have my hands in the sink a fair few times. Often it's to wash my hands, or to wash up a few small things that don't warrant putting on the dishwasher. Occasionally it's just where I stand to listen to the radio. It's where I watch the cat as he decides where to sun himself. Today is it going to be the boy's boat, his 'den' or at the bottom of the slide ? Oh I can while away literally minutes stalking that mog.

In the summer months it's my vantage point to watch the boy playing with his cars and kicking a ball into the bushes or over into the neighbour's garden for the umpteenth time. There are no fences between the gardens so he can wander over to retrieve it and I know he is safe. I can also see when he's on his way in for a snack or a drink and can be prepared. It's like I'm magic !

When we bought this house it was because of the Mr & Mrs Smith sinks in the bathroom and the pull out kitchen storage as well as the fabulous - if high maintenance - garden. The best thing is I can see the garden from my kitchen window and I can retreat into the quiet of the space indoors while feeling part of the outdoors.

Spice necklace
Pullout drawer of joy 
My evening spot by the sink listening to Radio 4 is sacred. I close the doors and chop vegetables or prepare bedtime milk for the boy while I stand with a drink (a mug of tea, honestly) listening to the Archers. It's my bit of personal space and I have my dream view. Ok, I'll be honest, Hawaii would be my actual dream view, but I'm aspirational, not insane, so this one is just fine for now thanks.

I've always enjoyed meticulous planning and preparation of food so I like to cut up fruit or vegetables for kebabs or chop roast veg or ingredients for soups. The repetition is very soothing for me and I can forget about other things.

My kitchen is organised to help me so the knife block that my brother gave me sits behind the spoon rest that my friend got me from Jamaica. The spice necklace my lovely friend got me on her Caribbean honeymoon is hanging from the kitchen window and occasionally a waft of nutmeg fills the air. On the windowsill are my plants; basil, red chilli, aloe vera and a Peace Lily from my Mum. Some do better than others, but it's continues the 'inside feeling like outside' theme.

Obligatory kiddie artwork
The couple we bought the house from kindly left the white goods behind and I was grateful for the dishwasher, washing machine and fridge. The only issue was they weren't actually as good - or as technical - as the ones I'd abandoned in the home we left. I still miss those that I'd lovingly chosen from John Lewis and bought with a 5 year guarantee that was still running when we let our buyer have them - sob.

Of course I also have the obligatory kiddie artwork on the walls and a crazy busy fridge of magnets holding gig tickets, pictures of my boy and invitations to kiddie birthday parties. Those are standard right ?

The most important part of my kitchen, however is the one I barely look at. I go into it many times a day and it keeps me going and stops me from going bonkers. The little piece of joy that I call my tea cupboard. Last year I decanted my extensive collection of teas into gorgeous kilner jars and now I feel the luxury of 'artisan' teas instead of reaching into a paper box for a tea bag. Not that I'm too good for that of course. Tea is my religion and I can worship it anywhere and anyhow.

The 'teashop'
Of course a love of tea must also be accompanied by a love of drinking implements so there is a very well stocked cupboard of fancy and not-so fancy mugs. This is why we use Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets to keep them in tip top condition. I cannot abide a grotty mug.

So, if you visit my kitchen be sure to admire the view, pop on the kettle and enjoy a brew. When you're done, be a love and pop the mug into the dishwasher afterwards there will you ? Thanks :)

This post is my entry for the "My Kitchen Story" linky challenge sponsored by Fairy Platinum

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