Wednesday 28 October 2020

Jumping for joy

There are few activities the kids get to do that make me jealous, but trampolining has always been one of them. Whenever they are invited to a party at a trampoline park I immediately accept the invitation (even if they don't want to !) and if I can I sneak on for a jump or two. 

Two boys standing in front of a brightly coloured wall

I've loved trampolining since I was at school which is why it was a surprise that it took me so long to get one for the garden. I always had a concern about the safety of having one at home and also didn't want to ruin the aesthetic of my outdoor space. Once I realised that the garden resembles a playground with it's slide, swing and a den for the boys I decided that a trampoline wasn't going to ruin anything. 

Sign in front of a building reads Jump In trampoline park

Even when you have one at home it's a treat to go to a place where the whole room is dedicated to jumping. When Jump In asked us to try out their Covid safe trampoline park in Elstree I can honestly say I was beyond excited. 

Image of a room filled with trampolines

We booked a one and a half hour session as it's the best value for money and we didn't have to rush. I also booked for myself which was a treat for me as I often end up sitting on the sidelines while the kids enjoy the activity. On this occasion I decided we were going to have a family trampoline trip. 

three hands display wristbands of different colours

On arrival we were greeted with very clear signage directing us to use the one way system and there were plenty of hand sanitiser points to use. Jen at the front desk was very helpful and handed us all our jump socks and directed us to where were needed to go. 

We put out belongings in a locker - which are very spacious and located right next to the jump area. That made it much easier to relax and enjoy our visit. We headed straight for the the main area and did some warm up jumps. It's been years since I trampolined properly and I have to be honest it so much fun 

woman in mid air doing a trampoline jump

The jump area includes a high drop and a dodgeball / basketball area as well as games that you can play together or on your own. There are slides and an area dedicated for toddlers so they can play safely without older children or adults spoiling their fun. My boys enjoyed the games and raced each other on the slides. It really is easy to lose track of time when you're having this much fun. 

Boy jumping in the air putting a ball into a hole in the wallboys with arms outstretched jumping with a ball in his hand

Visitor numbers are limited to allow social distancing and staff are on duty around the jump area to ensure that patrons are keeping safe. This was invaluable when we wanted to ask questions and the staff were very friendly and helpful. Cory administered some first aid while we were there and it was all handled very well and it's reassuring to know that the staff are trained to deal with any issues that might come up. 

image of box of fries, a pizza a partially visible hot dog

Trampolining is hungry work and with a cafe on site we decided to have lunch after our session. The food is ordered using an app and is cooked fresh and brought to the table. We went a bit overboard with our order as we weren't expecting such generous portions of food. The pizza was delicious and my son couldn't finish the enormous hot dog so he had the rest for dinner. 

If you have been wondering how safe it is to take the kids to a trampoline park I can assure you that Jump In have thought it through for you. Our children have been stuck indoors for so long that being able to do something 'normal' and fun for a few hours was just fantastic and I am so glad we were lucky enough to be able to try this out. 

You can book your own jump session here:

Disclosure: The lovely folks at Jump In gifted us a voucher for a visit to the Elstree centre in return for an honest review. 

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