Wednesday, 18 November 2015

How am I supposed to live without Woolworths ?

It's taken a few years, but I have finally had to accept that Woolworths is gone. I know I am possibly the last person on Earth to accept this, but I only just managed to get used to HMV being gone then they reopened in Croydon and I thought I was imagining it. I spent many hours (and pounds) in HMV over the years, but Woolworths holds a special place in my heart.

I always bought Easter eggs from Woolies and took my youngest sister with me. She had to promise not to look inside the bag and find out which one she was getting. It was a tradition.  

It was where Dylon dyes came from during my dressmaking stage in the 80's - in fact I didn't even know what I'd need them for, but I'd buy an amazing peacock blue and decide what to dye later. 

Pretty much all the household items I had in my first flat were from Woolies - my laundry basket, hanging rack for socks, dish drainer and bathroom bin. As these items fell apart one by one I had to work out where to find replacements for them. Ikea doesn't have the same homely feel really. 

I remember going to Woolworths to buy Chad Valley toys, Ladybird clothes for children. Selection boxes for Christmas. Multipacks of Christmas cards. Tinsel, baubles, card holders and random things for celebrations you didn't know you needed. 

When I ran out of teaspoons once I just went into Woolies in Croydon (the largest store) and bought a pack of 8 of them. They always had whatever I needed from interfacing to fix hems to needle and thread for repairs. I also bought dressmakers chalk and buttons. 

I really don't want to have to find a haberdashers whenever I need a small item like that as the only one I know is in John Lewis on Oxford Street and that's a long way to travel for some bias binding or a thimble.

So why am I feeling the loss of Woolworths so keenly right now - you may well ask.

Well, my oven gloves have gone. The years of cake baking and biscuit making have taken their toll. Just as I prepare for my big Christmas bake session I've had to admit that I burn myself when I use them to take things out of the oven. These well used and loved oven gloves were from Woolies and I look at them forlornly wishing I didn't have to plod around the internet to find new ones.

Oh why oh why did you have to go Woolworths ? Even your online presence can't replace these - or anything else I used to rely on you for. It's taken a few years, but I'm now living in a home where there are pretty much no remaining memories of you Woolies. I will always remember you. Fondly.

I'm off to trawl the internet for double oven gloves. Wish me luck.

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