Sunday, 20 September 2015

Ta-daaa !! Things they are a changin'

It's been a while since I last posted. The longest break since I started actually and I can't say it was because I had nothing to write about. I have been quite poorly which didn't help and I've also been pondering on an issue that I think I've worked out a solution to. For a while now I've wanted to write a blog about our family life and more specifically how we came to be a family. The more eagle eyed among you have been kind enough to notice that I went from writing about one boy to talking about two boys. I have been circumspect about writing about how this came about partly out of privacy and also because it's been so overwhelming that I wasn't sure I'd have the words to. 
I've talked to friends and fellow bloggers about whether to start a new blog specifically about adoption, infertility and parenting a family with an adopted and a birth child. I even came up with some names for this all new blog: 

  • Even the cat is a boy (a bit sexist)
  • A rose between three thorns (too Mills & Boon)
  • Boys, boys, boys (too porno)
  • One homemade, one off the shelf (too flippant)
  • Our so called life - actually I just came up with this one and I might just keep it for later. 

Now, fun though it is to come up with blog names, finding time to write one blog can prove difficult so I wasn't convinced I'd be able to manage two. So, what I've decided is that I will continue with this blog and will use this blog to write about my family instead. I will still feature fun days out and things that we love to do. However it will also be the space where I share our journey and hopefully some information that will help anyone else who is on a similar path and has questions. 

You may notice some changes to the appearance of this blog, and the content will gradually change too. I haven't quite made up my mind whether to do a grand relaunch with balloons, fizz and a Q&A, but as I think about it I may well do. 

For now. I'm well behind on some reviews of lovely things we've been sent to try. I will be posting those interspersed with the beginnings of this new blog about my fabulous family. I hope you will stay with me and enjoy the 'new' blog. 

While it's under construction please enjoy this bit of nostalgia featuring the gorgeous Michael Hutchence in his heyday with INXS:

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