Saturday, 12 July 2014

My week in pictures: Hey, Ho, Let's Go !!

David & David onstage

On Sunday evening I went with my lovely pal Jo to watch David Arnold in concert for the first time ever. He is the composer whose music you know even though you may not know him.  He composed the theme music for the Olympics, Sherlock, James Bond movies and the marvellous 'Play Dead' that David McAlmont came on stage to sing - it was electrifying !! We also spotted Charlie Higson, Mark Gatiss, Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington in the crowd and apparently Caitlin Moran was there too !

This cat is almost cooked

If you're a regular reader you will know my cat Neo. He's a sun worshipper and a spoiled old thing who has spent a week with grandma and grandpa while we were on holiday at Coombe Mill. This meant he was not allowed outside so this week he has made the most of his freedom and been in the garden as much as possible.

I am a feminist

love is...sharing chocolates

Hubbie and I don't get to go out on a hot date that often, so going to see Caitlin Moran was just a wonderful treat. The gig was sold out and I just happened to ring up one afternoon and they had two tickets returned so I asked Hubbie if he wanted to go - thinking he'd say no for sure - and he said yes !! We ate a lovely Thai meal first then went to watch her show and Hubbie was one of only around 20 men there. He wins many, many cool points for this :)

Liquid brunch

I was invited to an event to showcase the new Amazon prime summer offering for kids this week. As my boy was staying with my folks I went along solo.  On arrival they served brunch which included bucks fizz and the biggest pastries you've ever seen. I did a quick calculation of the chances I'd have to drive later and worked out I could risk a sneaky drinkie :)

Want !!! 
Yep, so doing this 

I then went onto some Christmas preview events that were just stunning. I'd love to have a Christmas table that looked like this, but I suspect with an almost 4 year old it's unlikely !!

open top bus fun
it's Big Ben !! 

We were also lucky enough to get invited to do a Big Bus Tour of London that my boy - and Hubbie - just loved it. We got up close with Big Ben and even managed to learn some stuff that we didn't already know about London from the fabulous - and very knowledgable - tour guide Phil. 

My little Michaelangelo
Now with so much going on this week we had to have a quiet day, so when it was just me and the boy on Friday I gave him a huge set of felt tip pens and some paper to do some drawing. It's a work in progress, but I will share when it's finished. This may take some time as it really is a big piece of paper and there are a lot of colours ! 

Tommy Ramone RIP

So we come to today and this morning I presented my radio show where I interviewed Andy Kershaw and I opened with the Ramones: I wanna be sedated, because Andy had worked with them in the past. I also wore my Ramones t-shirt and it wasn't until I returned home that I found out Tommy Ramone had died.

So, just like I did last week, I'm sharing a Ramones song with you for the weekend. Enjoy :)


  1. Oh I knew you looked familiar! I saw you and your family at the London Bus event, wish I'd come over and said hello! Looks like you had a fabulously packed week, I love Caitlin Moran, slightly envious!

    1. Hi there,

      Yes we shared the lift at Ripley's didn't we ? It's not always easy to greet people you 'sort of' know is it ? Well, next time let's meet and greet properly.
      Thanks for popping by and for commenting :)

  2. We can dream together of a Christma table like that, but then actually I'd rather the chaos of my very real Christmas table

    1. Oh I dunno - a darkened room and candlelight is pretty appealing. Still it's not the same without screeching kids around is it ?
      Still trying to work out a way to spend Christmas with you :)

  3. WHAT A WEEK! That sounds fabulous. I'm a big fan of The Moran and her writing - I'm super jealous that you went to see her. The table settings are just beautiful, I will be doing that one year! I look forward to seeing the finished work of art.

    1. Thanks love - this was an uncharacteristically busy week for us.
      I'm hoping little man goes back to finish the artwork as he does get bored easily.
      Thank you for popping by :) x

  4. I saw Caitlin Moran last year at the lit festival and she was the funniest person I've ever seen, I'm glad you guys had a good night out. That Christmas table is gorgeous, not sure it's practical with our youngest though!!

    Thanks for playing along with Point + Shoot xx

    1. She's very good isn't she ? I aspire to a beautiful elegant home, but it's still like a toddler mosh pit most days !
      Thank you for inviting me to take part :) x