Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Our cat is famous !!!

We love watching Modern Family. I mean, what's not to love ? Gloria with her hilarious mispronunciations, Cam and his sensitivities about everything and the crazy changing of Lily that resulted in one of most unpleasant child characters in a sitcom since Stewie tried to kill Lois in Family Guy.

Anyway, I was mainlining series 4 last week when I spotted one of our own family in the show. I shouted out to Hubbie to come and see and we both cheered when we spotted him.

Neo sitting with Lily (we don't like her)
Yes Neo is a star in a US sitcom !!

He tried to look all nonchalant and 'whatever' about it, but I could tell he was secretly pleased. Well, that was until I spotted him dressed as a mermaid that is.

Cam holding Neo the 'mercat'
I cannot tell you how happy it makes me when I see 'my cat' on tv. I know, I know stop staring at me like that. Even my boy got excited when we saw Neo's face on a lunchbox during the Mr Men show this morning.
This morning he was on a little Miss lunchbox !!
I will get a life precisely when this stops being so flipping entertaining to me and everyone I know on Facebook :)

This post is part of Mummy Never Sleeps lovely linky  "All the Small Things."



  1. OMG this is BRILLIANT! Neo is an actual star! I must admit we do the same when the Felix adverts are on TV... This is all totally normal innit?!

    Thank you SO much for joining in and making me smile my lovely :)

    1. I'm so proud - even though it's not even a real thing.

      You're welcome love - it's my pleasure taking part. As Miranda's mum says, "such fun !"

  2. Is he really? Are you kidding? I am rubbish at guessing and who knows he could be? I'll have to read your whole blog now haha xx #allthesmallthings

    1. I like to think *any* white cat is ours, but he may well have a secret life as a tv actor that we don't know about.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. *whispers* I might still do this even though we haven't had a cat for 3 years. Sssh :)