Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Feeling hot hot hot !!!

It's been a while since I shared a playlist and while I am taking a break from my radio show I miss playing seasonal tunes. Music has so many memories and whenever I hear True by Spandau Ballet it reminds me of sitting in my parents' garden in the summer of 1986 revising in the scorching heat. When me and Hubbie went on holiday to California we bought some albums for our road trip and I can't listen to Stereolab without thinking of the drive along Highway 101 watching the Ocean. When I was pregnant the song I used to sing to Brown Bear was Baby I Love You - well anything with baby in the lyrics really - so that's pretty evocative. Blue Bear loves Pharrell's song Happy and we recently found out it was number one when he was born - spooky ! 

So, while we have this heatwave I think we should all relax to some great tunes until it's a bit cooler and I stop getting bitten by bugs. Seriously dudes why not take a chunk out of someone else for a change. Anyway, pick up the long cold drink of your choice and enjoy. 

When you hear this you just know it's Summer 

The most beautiful version of this song in my opinion

I know he's the housewives' favourite, but you have to love Michael don't you ? 

This is a bit of history for me and a hilarious movie

This is by far the best summer song of all time and my favourite song by the Beatles

Don't forget to reapply the suncream. 

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