Thursday, 22 December 2016

Your festive playlist sorted - you are welcome

Now the kids are off school and nursery it's the bit of Christmas that's the most testing - two boys aged 3 and 6 are enough to test the best of us. We've had days out as a family, time with each of the boys alone and - by far my favourite - singing Christmas songs in the car. We heard possibly the worst one ever yesterday. It was a version of Last Christmas sung as a melancholy ballad. Now let's face it even though it's a classic it's hardly a great song as it is. As I explained to hubbie it's gone from being the campest anthem featuring terrible knitwear and longing looks over baubles to being a sombre lament on lost love. There are, however, some cracking Christmas songs out there and I'm about to share some with you so you have a playlist for the big day and some tunes to prepare turkey to. You are very welcome.

We played this on our radio show His and Hers last year and now it's being played in Sainsburys. I'm not saying it's because of us but... :

If you don't know this Ramones song don't worry- the Asobi Seksu version is so much better:

You already know the song, but maybe not the band - enjoy:

This is my all time favourite classic if only for Chrissy Hynde dressed as one of the Sally Army:

And of course the song that my son now sings in the car - I am beyond proud of this:

And finally the best of all - who knew the Manics did a festive tune ? I did that's who:

Merry Christmas - see you on the other side ! 

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