Wednesday, 14 January 2015

You wait for ages then 17 come along all at once :)

Marking down the first bus we saw
My Hubbie loves buses, my boy loves buses - I'm pretty keen on them too. So when my sister sent me a link to an event taking place in London involving our collective interest we all took notice. It was a collection of sculptures commissioned to celebrate the Year of the Bus and they were placed around London and also Croydon - where we just happen to live !

My boy loved this one
Hubbie loves this bus
Last weekend we decided to follow the bus trail which was a route marked around Croydon where you could go and see all 17 of the bus sculptures that had been chosen for Croydon. Each of them had a different design and most reflected a feature of the local area. All of them were really great and creative.

This one took some finding ! 
Crocus bus - quite elegant
I've been meaning to go and see these for a while and with being away over Christmas we didn't get round to it so having a rare Sunday to ourselves we decided to do it over the weekend. It was just as well as it was the last day and we'd have missed them if we'd left it much longer !

Fancy shiny bus
There's a big cat face on this one ! 
We printed off the map of the route got on our scooters and whizzed around town making sure our boy ticked them off the map and we took photos with all of the buses. It was quite hard work as some where a bit harder to find than others and at the end it was a race against time to see the last one before it got dark and we risked getting locked in the park where it was located. I'm pleased to report we made it, took a family selfie and got on the tram home with a sense of a job well done :)

Library bus - one of our faves
The bus outside the radio studio
I'm so glad we got to have a family day out doing something active and fun with an element of a game to it too. My boy loved having the map to mark off what we'd seen and he even took a few photos on the way round. I see him being a great asset in my future blog posts with his fledgling photography skills.

For Croydon Aerodrome
Patchwork bus
I hope as the weather improves in the Spring and the days get longer we can do more outdoor challenges together and can't wait for the next family scooter adventure :)

The very last bus in the trail

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  1. Oh what a fab challenge! I had no idea about this one with busses. I loved watching the Paddington Bear hunt in London and the Gruffalo Trail in the woods, now a bus trail, great hading too, it just had to be London busses! It makes me feel right in vogue with my wildlife hunt too, I just hope I can finish the map and get it off the ground for half term, these fun trails are really taking off in so many different guises. Thank you for sharing a fun day out on Country Kids and I love the creativity of those mini buses..

  2. I love these kind of trails, makes a walk so much more fun x