Friday 27 September 2013

Welcome to party central (atchoo !!)

white cat with his paw on foot We've all got sniffles.

Well maybe not the cat - I can't be sure if he has, but he was sneezing a bit yesterday so it is possible that the entire family is coming down with a cold.

Hubbie had a nap with the boy yesterday as he looked so exhausted I was worried he was going to pass out so I suggested he might take the chance to lie down while the house was quiet. I drank tea and checked work email while the cat kept me company on the sofa. Then this morning I woke up (sort of) with the beginning of a sore throat. Of course this is happening because we are hosting a birthday party for a dozen toddlers on Sunday and there is so much to do we need to be in full health.

I've written (somewhat unsympathetically) about man flu before, but I also know that Hubbie takes great pride in not taking time off work for illness. On this occasion we all need to be fully functioning so that the prospect of 24 small feet and 24 sticky hands do not send me into a maternal meltdown after the kids have played in the garden and the cake has been scoffed. I've been praying all week for good weather as we want to use the garden for the kids' games. I paid a gardener a not insubstantial sum to tidy the fallen leaves and hanging holly in the 'woods' at the end of the garden so that we can have a treasure hunt.
overgrown garden

So far I've ordered the balloons, the shopping is being delivered on Saturday evening so if anything is missing I still have time to pick it up on Sunday before the guests arrive. I've checked that I have birthday cards and have ordered all the goody bag items - none of which have arrived yet - thanks Amazon. My fabulous cupcake making friend SJ is making lots of small cakes for the party. I've bought Gruffalo tablecloths, bendy straws, cups, plates and cutlery that is garden friendly.

There is still a lot to do though and being poorly is just not an option. I have a cake to bake and decorate, Hubbie has a gazebo to put up outside the back door in case of rain, I need to get some wrapping paper (or I can recycle last year's Thomas paper that I kept) and if the goody bag contents (and bags) don't arrive by tomorrow then I have to get those too. I am debating whether it's worth cleaning the house before family arrive as I'd rather not invite them into a dirty house, but as I will have an inevitable clean up to do on Monday do I really want to do it twice ? Oh who am I kidding, this is me, of course I'll do it twice !

So wish me luck.

And send Lemsip !


  1. I hope that the party went well and everything was ready on time! I always tidy up and clean before lots of people come round, and of course the minute that people arrive they are dumping shoes, coats and bags everywhere anyway and probably don't even notice!

    1. It was fab thank you Jen.
      I am still tidying up four days later, but the only casualty was a plastic In The Night Garden bike and that's not bad going is it ?