Friday 13 September 2013

Polly Styrene I ain't

I always secretly wanted to be a punk. Not in the spitting, shouting, violent way of course. More the fashion really.

My ambition was hampered by not being allowed to cut or colour my hair and not wanting to draw attention to myself by wearing anything that was too unusual - why invite even more reasons to be bullied ?

Instead, over the years I've flirted with the themes of punk in the form of kilt skirts, bondage trousers and in recent years punk motifs on t-shirts.

So imagine my joy in finding out the theme of the latest meet up of my local Clandestine Cake Club. Tomorrow it's all about 'Rebellious cakes.' I wanted to do a test run for my son's birthday cake which I'd planned to make as a rainbow cake. My challenge was to make this into a rebellious version. So here's what I did:

gel colours mixed into sponge mix

1. To start with I made up the sponge mixture and separated it into different vibrant colours.

Marbled cake mix in the tin

2. Then I merged it in the baking tin into a marbled effect.

baked marbled colourful cake

3. The baked cake is a bit thinner than I'd like, but it is still colourful and when it's cut I hope the colours will all be visible.

Rebel rebel iced cake

4. I've iced it and decorated with what is supposed to look like graffiti and few (inedible) safety pins.

Now I just hope it tastes nice :o)

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