Friday 4 March 2016

What do I want for Mothering Sunday ?

  • Hubbie to pick up that sock that's been on the floor next to his side of the bed - it's been there almost a week !!
  • The boys to be in the same room and not fight as soon as I step out 
  • To drink a cup of tea from start to finish (if it's still hot that's just a bonus)
  • A lie in - an actual one. On fresh sheets, with no kids leaping on my head or kicking me out of my own bed
  • Just one day when I'm not clumsy and don't knock over a mug or spill a glass of water
  • Oh yeah, and world peace of course 

What's actually going to happen is that Hubbie is taking the boys to visit Grandma so I get to do whatever I want all day.

I might even achieve some of these if I'm lucky :)

My baby boy made this - I love it :)

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