Tuesday 1 March 2016

Give up chocolate ? Seriously ?

It's the first of March and for some reason that escapes me right now I signed up for Dechox 2016. The British Heart Foundation do amazing work and with the history of heart problems in my family it is a cause that I feel very close to. I've named the charity in my will as I feel so strongly about the value of what they do.

So strongly - in fact - that I'm giving up chocolate for this whole month and asking folks to sponsor this madness. You see I love chocolate so much that I don't just buy one bar I bulk purchase it:

I know I don't 'need' chocolate, but that's hardly the point. You've seen the name of this blog, I consume chocolate like it's a basic nutrient. For me it is. So I'm asking for some moral support from this guy: 

And some financial support from you guys: 

Please don't let this enormous personal sacrifice be in vain ! 
If you can sponsor me I'd be very grateful - my sponsorship page is here: Dechox 2016

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