Sunday, 20 March 2016

Behind the scenes of the London Museum Dash

Me, Penny and Nell pass the proud

Yesterday I took part in a full day London Museum Dash with these two awesome ladies. We took photos, we shared on social media and we walked. A lot. There is so much to tell and my brain can't quite cope just yet. Instead I was hoping to produce a funky infographic for you, but despite all the google searches promising, 'make an infographic in an hour,' the task has defeated me. Instead here are some of the stats from the day:

35,000 steps - that's how many we walked yesteday. Not allowing for all the walking to get there and to come home. Still, that's a lot.

30km  - is how far we travelled during the course of the challenge. Yep also a lot.

26 museums - we travelled to all corners of London to get as much variety as possible.

9 hours - in each other's company and not a cross word between us !

4 bonus stops - we even managed to visit a few museums that weren't on the plan. Just because.

Fun and games while dashing

4 bus journeys - admittedly two of them were unplanned (see below)

2 tube journeys - to cover the longest distances on the day. And to give us a rest :)

2 pairs of socks - I had a sock change halfway. A trick I've learned from previous challenges

1 broken phone - to my shame I dropped Penny's phone while social media-ing. She was very nice about the shattered screen. 

I almost missed stop - Call it tiredness, or brain fade, but we almost didn't make it to Tate Britain when the bus we were on sailed past. Thankfully an additional bus ride (or 2) and we were back on track.

Penny, Nell and I thank everyone who has already donated and it's not too late if you'd like to sponsor me:

Celebration deely boppers


  1. It was such a brilliant, if exhausting day. Did I tell you i was tired? ;) You were brilliant company and the best navigator. Love the post title!

  2. Just awesome well done indeed xxxx

  3. What a day, what a day, what a day! And so marvellous to spend all that time with you. It really was one of the best days I've had in a long time....and especially so because of all the money raised. My legs aren't thanking me for it today though. Ouch!