Wednesday 16 March 2016

I take thee, my children - the vows of parenting.

To have and to hold

The first day I held my children I knew that was it. From the moment held my newborn to the day I saw Baby Boy's photo. I knew these boys had my heart entirely.

From this day forth

Life is never the same again. That is it now - you can't stop being a parent now that you are - it's just not possible.

For better, for worse

The lovely times that my kids make a picture or give me a hug or a kiss for no reason other than 'I love you Mummy. Or the tantrums and the shouting and the sheer exhaustion of being with a tiny person I love and who seems to be doing everything he can to make me stop.

For richer, for poorer

When we are doing well and can spoil the boys they love it. When we have to make the best of it and have to be creative with fun things to do they do too.

In sickness and in health

When the boys are sick they want Mummy. I carry them as if they are babies again and lie down with them to help them sleep. When they are well and full of energy they prefer Daddy- he's fun, he plays and doesn't make excuses like, "I don't know how to play lightsabers and I can't remember the rules to Monopoly (even though all the Monopoly boards are mine)

To love and to cherish

It goes without saying, but I still say it all the time, I love my boys. I still embarrass them completely by kissing them when I drop them off and they pretend they don't like it. I cherish the moments when I go to check on them as they sleep and breathe deeply the joy that they are safe and beautiful and ours.

'til death us do part

I don't ever want to think about this, but I am doing all I can to ensure my boys grow to be independent, strong, responsible and loving men. That when I leave they will be equipped to take their places in the world as a force for good.

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