Wednesday 23 October 2013

Keep calm, I've got a big bag and I'm not afraid to fill it (with cupcakes)

Me getting ready to go to a football match!This time last year I was cacking myself wondering why I'd decided to go to the first Mumsnet Blogfest. I didn't know anyone else who was going and I was terrified I'd stick out like a useless amateur in a room full of technical wizards in amazingly co-ordinated outfits with perfect figures and no evidence of mummyhood other than a much cooler bag than me.

As I waddled over to the venue very early and awaited the onslaught of power mums I was quite surprised to find welcoming, friendly normal women quite happily noshing the pastries that I'd expected they'd be avoiding. My first conversation was with a lovely blogger who's based in Italy and had just been published (intimidating much ?), but everyone I met was really friendly and I learned so much all day. I had been going through an identity crisis wondering whether my blog was actually being read by anyone and whether or not there was any point in continuing. I left with renewed confidence that I could do new things and try to build and audience without changing the essential nature of what I enjoyed writing.

cupcakes in a box
I'm really looking forward to going again this year now I know a lot more bloggers and am less timid about promoting my blog, I've learned how to use linkys (well this post is on one isn't it so that's one skill I didn't have last year !). It's a great day with so much going on and there was not a moment that I wasn't learning something new, including how many cupcakes I can fit into my handbag - a lot if you must know !

The sessions are so great I want to borrow Hermione's ability to be in more than one class at once so I don't have to miss any of them. As well as looking forward to the sessions I'm also going to see some blogger friends who I've chatted to online and some I've even met in real life. Some are even presenting the sessions - ooh get me with my blogger celeb pals :o)

So my top tips if it's your first Blogfest ?
  1. Dress how you like, it's not a fashion show and no one is judging you.
  2. Bring a very big bag - there is so much to pick up and the goodie bag is enormous !!
  3. Take a break from whatever nonsensical food fad you're following for just one day. The cakes, the lunch and the drinks are so wonderful you'd be crazy to miss out on them.
  4. Bring a tablet with you and don't lug a massive laptop along - it was heavy and I didn't use it at all !! .
  5.  There will be wifi.
  6.  Tweet while you're there - it's a great way to meet and greet other bloggers who are sitting in the same room and it's how I got talking to the fabulous Mammasaurus !
  7. Don't try and do everything - the sessions will be online later so you can watch any you missed
  8. If you're bringing a baby seek me out and I'll be more than happy to hold and hug while you go to the loo or drink your tea - honestly !!
  9. Don't be afraid to talk to the brands that are there - they will work with a range of bloggers and you don't have to be the Bloggess to get their interest
  10. Make friends & have fun !!
I'll see you there :o)


  1. Hi, this is really useful info - the promise of cakes at the blogfest in particular. If I hadn't read this I'd have brought my own sandwiches. Brilliant to have a day off from austerity sandwiches! Maybe see you, nicola

    1. I know - how lovely to have someone make YOU lunch for a change eh ?
      Hope to catch up with you there :o)