Saturday 26 October 2013

Brush, rinse and spit: you know the drill

Gum disease ? What gum disease ? Oh the kind that used to cost me £70 every 3 months when I was with a private dentist and that my NHS dentist has told me is not an issue ? Now I'm not calling my previous dentist a crook, but the Ferrari parked in the drive, his holiday photos from the Caribbean and the fact that he mentioned his kids' private schooling should have been enough clues.

dentist checking teeth I was raised to look after my teeth as my parents take dental health very seriously. Unfortunately I grew up in the 1970s when dentists were paid per tooth and my parents owned a shop that sold sweets so I have a mouth full of fillings. Not the nice white ones, the horrid amalgam ones that fall out when you bite into a particularly crunchy apple and tingle when you accidentally eat the foil off a creme egg.

The other consequence of my parents' fastidiousness is that I have a tendency to overbrush my teeth so my gums are receding and I do have sensitive teeth as a result. This means I spend an inordinate amount on dental products and have been known to stockpile toothpaste when it's on offer. I have used Oral B electric toothbrushes for years (that ad campaign that claimed dentists use them has never really left me !) and when we were in America I was in seventh heaven as I could buy those fab dental floss harps in massive bags from Walgreen chemists.

Comedy teeth You see when it comes to dental hygiene the stakes are too high to be shoddy in taking care of our teeth. It's not for nothing that losing your teeth in a dream is a sign of anxiety. I would hate to lose mine so I make sure I brush them twice a day with a good toothpaste and I have been ensuring my boy does the same since he's had more than two teeth in his head. I even buy Neo Dentabits that are supposed to help keep his teeth and gums healthy and improve his cat breath. I'm not risking tooth or gum loss for any of this family !!

Due to my gum issue and sensitive teeth I do seek out toothpaste that is designed for those particular problems. The lovely folks at Oral-B kindly sent me some Pro-Expert Premium Gum Protection toothpaste to try and it is very similar to the ones I already use. It does, however, taste quite different. It's not particularly minty - which I like - and it isn't overly foamy either. It does have a strong aftertaste though and I find if I try to eat or drink something soon after brushing my teeth it tastes odd. It does leave my teeth feeling fresh and clean though and I haven't had any sensitivity issues since I've been using it. That is my one non-negotiable for a good toothpaste so full marks from me on this alone.

I'd definitely use this toothpaste again as it ticks the most important boxes for me when it comes to dental care. Another handy (and not entirely necessary) benefit is that it matches my toothbrush :o)

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