Monday 13 May 2013

The modern poem for busy children (and their parents)

Monday's child is knackered from a weekend of activities organised by overzealous parents terrified of causing childhood obesity if their offspring spend any waking moment not playing a sport or learning something.

white cat hiding under a stuffed tiger toy Tuesday's child sleeps in late causing chaos in the morning as Mummy tries to get him to nursery and herself to work on time. 

Wednesday's child has chilled out and gotten cocky - by the evening when Mummy leaves for Kettlebells he's run rings round Daddy at bathtime and even causes the cat to run and hide.

Thursday's child spends the day with Daddy or Auntie while Mummy goes to work - it's like a weekend with fun food and day trips.

Friday's child hangs out with Mummy at home - they're both quite tired so they stay in pyjamas until far too late and might eventually get out to the shops, but not always. 

toddler yoga image Saturday's child goes to the park, plays football and goes to the library with Daddy. Mummy spends the day at a yoga course and comes home enthused and hippie-like.

Sunday's child goes swimming first thing - then shopping with Daddy and flirts with Maureen the lovely checkout lady at Sainsburys. After a fun family lunch everyone gets ready for the week ahead and it all starts again.

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