Friday 11 August 2017

Summer time and the living is easy (really ? for who ?)

We're past the midway point of the summer holidays and I'm seriously in need of some 'me time.' It's not like I spend every minute of the day with my boys, far from it, but keeping them busy and tiring them out enough to get them to sleep at night is a full time job. This week I've had them both in sports camps so that I could get the house in order. It's been my mission since I read the Marie Kondo book in January (an excellent gift from Hubbie) and I'm making great progress with baby things that were taking up loft space being sold and I'm sorting and donating clothes, shoes and various other items are going on ebay. I'm also taking the opportunity to get in some swimming and running and am taking part in a 5k this Sunday so I'm hoping my overall fitness has improved. The next few weeks are the ones where I've had to use more creativity to keep them occupied - at the cost of my liberty and possibly my sanity. So I've timetabled plenty of activities for them both.

Next week Blue Bear is at sports camp every day so I'll be spending time with Brown Bear one to one.

Monday we're taking it easy. A morning swim followed by breakfast. Maybe a lazy afternoon in front of the TV.

Tuesday he has a movie date with his 'girlfriend.' I know he's only 6 (nearly 7), but he and R have been an item since nursery. I think it's cute how they send each other little voice messages on whatsapp (on mine and her mum's phones of course) saying how much they are looking forward to it.

Wednesday he's going to take the car to the garage with Daddy and do 'boy stuff.' I think he's going to find it quite informative.

Thursday we're going to visit my lovely friend who works for an MP and I hope to take Brown Bear for a tour of the Palace of Westminster. He has loved Big Ben for years so I think he's going to  be excited being up close.

Friday is the first day of a music festival that me and Hubbie are going to so we're taking Brown Bear to my parents for the weekend and then dropping Blue Bear off at the in-laws.

Then we get a day off - yep me and Hubbie get to spend an entire day child free on Saturday !! And how are we spending it ? Well we're running a 5k together first thing. Don't even ask me why - it's his idea. Then we're going back for the second day of the music festival.

To be honest I think going back to work in September is going to be less logistically demanding than the holidays. All I need to do now is work out how to add all these skills to my CV.

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