Friday 19 February 2016

Who wants to be a Mark Warner Mum ?

Big Boy: On tonight's edition of "Who Wants to Be a Mark Warner Mum ?" we will be asking Mummy and Daddy what makes us ideal to be a #MarkWarnerMum Blogger family.
Mummy: Remember to speak clearly and don't leave your brother out. 
Big Boy: Ok Mummy, Can I have Haribo when we finish please ?
Mummy: We'll see. 
Daddy: So what's your first question then son ? 
Big Boy: Well, I guess to start with we'd like to find out about the kind of holidays you've enjoyed before.

Mummy: Well the first photo I ever saw of me on holiday was with my Mum on the West Pier in Brighton. 
Big Boy: Where is that Mummy ? 
Mummy: Well it's not there any more, but when I was a little girl we used to go to Brighton quite a lot. 
Big Boy: Have I been there ? Was I a baby ?
Daddy: Actually the first time you went there you were in Mummy's tummy. 
Big Boy: You took me on holiday when I was zero ?
Mummy: Yes we did. We did have a lot of holidays when it was just us two. 
Daddy: We went to America a few times...
Big Boy: Where Superman lives ?
Daddy: Yes, and then we visited Morocco before you were born.

Big Boy: When did I go on holiday with you ? 
Mummy: We decided to book a holiday to Spain. Do you remember ? 
Big Boy: Did we go on the plane ? 
Daddy: Yes we did and you met the pilot. You were really good on the flight and kept busy the whole time. 

Big Boy: We had the big white car on holiday didn't we ? 
Mummy: Yes we did and we went to see lots of nice things, but the resort where we stayed was nice with a kids club too wasn't it ? 
Big Boy: I still have the t-shirt from there. 

Big Boy: What's your best kind of holiday ? 
Daddy: Well I like a beach holiday where it's hot. We've taken you on beach holidays.
Big Boy: We've been with Baby Boy too haven't we ? 
Mummy: Yes we took you both to the beach a few times didn't we ? 
Big Boy: Do you like beach holidays Mummy ? 
Mummy: Well, I like being warm, but I also love holidays in the snow. 

Big Boy: The snow ? 
Mummy: Yes. I used to go skiing before you were born. 
Daddy: I haven't been skiing though.
Big Boy: Would you like to go on a snowy holiday ? 
Mummy: I would love to take you and Baby Boy on a holiday where you could have skiing lessons and maybe we could get Daddy to have a go as well. 
Big Boy: I want to try snowboarding. It's like skateboarding isn't it ? 
Mummy: Yes sort of. 

Big Boy: What do you like to do on holiday ?
Daddy: I like to do fun things with you boys. I like to see you having fun. 
Mummy: When we all try new things and do things together it's great. 
Big Boy: Anything else ? 
Mummy and Daddy: Well, we like to have some time together too. 
Big Boy and Baby Boy: (both laugh) 

Big Boy: Finally is there anyone in the family who might object to these plans ?
Neo: Miaow (translation: Ahem - excuse me)

Big Boy: So all we need to do now is check that Jiggles' passport is up to date and we're ready ?
Mummy: I hope so son.
Big Boy: Good luck Mummy. Can I have Haribo now please ?

Mummy: This is my creative writing entry to be a #markwarnermum - with thanks to the whole family for taking part :)


  1. Good luck! And ha ha you even got the cat to participate ;) There are so many great entries this year I think MW will have a difficult time choosing :) I entered the fab photographer category, but well, there are lots of great photographers out there! :)

  2. This is a really nice entry and a really imaginative way of writing your blog post. Good luck!