Sunday 7 February 2016

Wake me up before we Lego-go

Me: Boys, what do you think about going to Legoland ? Would you like that ?
Big Boy: Ooh yes please. Can I go when I'm big ? I'd love to go to Legoland. Baby Boy would love it too - they have things for small children too don't they ?
Baby Boy: (prods his brother and laughs)

Big Boy: Is it far to get there ? How will we go ? 
Me: Well, there are plenty of options. We can go by car, or by bus or coach.
Big Boy: What if it's a lot of traffic ?

Me: Well we could go by train ? 
Big Boy: Oh yes that sounds good. 

Me: Well we're quite lucky we live not that far from Legoland, but when me and Daddy were little there was a Legoland in another country and the only way to get there would have been to go by plane. 
Baby Boy: Wow !!
Big Boy: Can we take a plane ? 
Me: Erm, we don't have to, but I'll see what I can do. 

Big Boy: When we get there what will we do ?
Me: It's up to you. Like when you start with Lego you have a lot of different pieces don't you ?
Big Boy: Yes. I have a lot of Lego. Baby Boy keeps trying to take mine.
Me: He does. So when you start you don't always know what it's going to turn out to be do you ?
Big Boy: No. I sometimes make lots of different things and sometimes I make one big thing.
Me: Exactly. Going to Legoland is just like that. You can do as much or as little as you like. It's all there for you to explore and find.

Big Boy: So we might see a dog on a skateboard ?
Me: Maybe
Big Boy: Or R2D2 driving in a car ?
Me: Anything is possible
Baby Boy: (incoherent babble)
Me: Yep they might have a lego bike too baby

Big Boy: Can we be different characters when we get there ? 
Me: Of course you can. 
Big Boy: Brilliant - I can have a lightsabre or a sword or a backpack
Me: You can be anyone you want to and have lots of fun. 

Big Boy: I can't wait to go
Baby Boy: Lego ! Go ! Go !

Me: Well you never know boys - you never know. Goodnight.

(Just for clarity, despite their love for it my children aren't actually made of Lego)

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