Sunday 21 February 2016

Cry me a river

Baby Boy is crying because: 

  • His brother is eating a banana - he doesn't want one, he's just crying about it
  • He wants to ride his scuttlebug and I want to put him in his carseat 
  • His baby cousin is crying in pain and he wants to show empathy with him. 
  • He wants Daddy to carry him, not to ride his scooter home. 

Big Boy is crying because:

  • Daddy found all the wrappers in the bin and knows he took 5 packs of fruit strings and 2 packs of bear fruit from the kitchen. 
  • Mummy knows he took a Kinder egg and Kinder chocolate bar and ate them in secret while she was out 
  • He's probably off his nut on sugar now 

I am crying because: 

  • My son has eaten enough sugar to give diabetes to a hippopotamus 
  • I finally watched Amy and it made me feel so sad 
  • Supervet fixed the dog - then when we were watching Gogglebox I cried all over again when he couldn't fix the dog.
  • Hubbie keeps leaving mugs with herbal teabags in them around the house - I now know why my friend hated it when I used to leave mugs with the dregs of tea in them on her sink drainer 
  • Every day I step on a rotting apple core that Hubbie has left lying around somewhere in the house - it's like the worst treasure hunt ever 

At least half term is over now so we can all go back to normal.

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