Saturday 30 January 2016

Snapshots of my boys

On days when Hubbie works from home we try so hard to make sure he gets plenty of time to do actual work. Last week Baby Boy decided to join him in some letter and number work on his own laptop computer.

Baby Boy decided to carry his brother's schoolbag on the way home, I'm not sure if this was his own idea or if Big Boy planted the seed of the idea. 

My adorable little nephew has been hanging out with the grandparents - he's loving his tummy time mat.

After swimming we always get chips for the boys' tea and Big Boy likes to take responsibility for ordering and paying for them now he's a regular. 

After school one day last week the weather was warm and dry so we decided to go to the park. The boys loved having it all to themselves. 

Finally I can't forget Neo - he's really into blogging now and has been proof reading my posts. Ok, he's actually just trawling Youtube for funny cat videos really.

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