Saturday 1 November 2014

Scooby Dooby Doo it's an Autumn rainbow adventure

So, this has been our first half term holiday. My boy has had two weeks off school so it's been a bit of a mission filling the days. The first week we went to visit grandparents and he stayed over with them. This week he met Scooby Doo, did some Halloween themed crafts and had a spooky face tattoo:

The best thing of all, however, was the visit to our local fire station. My boy is obsessed with fire engines and wants to be a fireman - I may have mentioned this one or twice before. We went with a few of his little friends and as it was such a nice sunny day - in October, I know !! - they let the children have lots of fun learning to use the hose and creating rainbows. Did you know that firemen can make rainbows ? No we didn't either, but they can. The staff at Croydon Fire Station were absolutely amazing and made a real effort for the children.

Training with a real fireman

It's a real rainbow !! 

Making sure the hose is really empty

This has been, by far, the most enjoyable out of everything we've done this holiday. My boy has plenty of special memories to tell his class about on Monday at school.

I'm sharing this post as part of the #countrykids linky with the lovely Fiona of Coombe Mill.

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 


  1. Your local fire station sounds wonderful and really engages the children. I'm sure your son is now heart set on being a fireman. He will have to ask Farmer Nick for a go on the Coombe Mill fire truck trailer at Christmas!

  2. What lovely memories to take back to school. Scooby Doo and fire station would be the top of my little mans list too.


  3. What a great day being a fireman, I would love to do this with my son but we keep missing the open days. I never knew they could make rainbows! #CountryKids