Wednesday 12 November 2014

Firefighters, fireworks, fluffiness and a silver deer

Last week my boy was very excited by some visitors to his school (if you look really closely you will spot him on the far left of this picture):

The Fire Engine has a welcoming committee 

He is such a big fan of firefighters that he also made a model of the fire station - I think it looks pretty amazing !

Lego fire station - with a fan for some reason

He made some 'fireworks biscuits' at school - I can't tell you what they tasted like as I didn't get one, but Daddy assures me they were delicious :)

No biscuits for Mummy :(
On Hubbie's birthday we went to a fireworks display and after years of him asking I finally let our boy get a glow toy. He was absolutely delighted with his 'Dragon Sword,' but we're not sure whether it's a light sabre or he's channeling the power of Greyskull (one for the teenagers there).

Now that stance means business !  

I've spent my time wisely too though - wrapping Neo in a big fluffy blanket. Shuttup he loves it !!

Obligatory cat pic - you are welcome :)
And on my walk to work this week I stopped for a moment to take in the scenery of Covent Garden's Christmas lights - if you look in the distance you'll spot a silver deer.

Early morning at the market

Normal service will resume when I'm not so exhausted - no idea when that will be though :)

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