Sunday 30 November 2014

Penguins and Flamingos at Christmas ?

Checking out the winter wonderland
As you will already know we love doing outdoor activities with our boy and we also love the run up to Christmas so that it isn't all just about one day. Last year we went to Birdworld in Hampshire to see Santa Claus and we enjoyed it so much we decided to do it again this year. So this weekend we packed a picnic lunch and made our way to Farnham for a day of outdoor fun.

The elf is the one on the left
First up we went to see Santa and as we had a pre-booked visit we wandered round the winter grotto first saying hello to the reindeer - that was real - and checking out the skiing penguins - not so real. The twinkly lights of the model town were very pretty and we were greeted by a very helpful elf. She asked our boy what his name was and we watched open-mouthed as he spelled his name for her. We had no idea he could do that !
Feeding the (disinterested) ducks
After our meeting with the big man we had a quick stop for our picnic lunch. The Christmas experience includes a mince pie and mulled fruit punch for adults, but as I don't do mulled anything Hubbie got two helpings. Sustenance taken we decided to go and see what Birdworld was all about. As we were going in some lovely folks who were leaving donated us their leftover bird food and meal worm pots. I have to admit I wasn't too keen to hold the worms so Hubbie got that job instead.

Careful climbing

The birds didn't seem too bothered about being fed - maybe they get so much from visitors that they can be pretty nonchalant about it ? There were some exciting things to look forward to such as the safari train and the penguin feeding so we took a map and not even part way through exploring our boy spotted a playground and made a stop to play.

Love's young dream

He also made friends with an older girl who was playing on the climbing frame and they appeared to have a very short-lived (and entirely chaste) romance during our visit.
Girl: "Do you want to come for dinner ?"
My Boy: "Yeah, ok."
Hubbie: "Get yer bear son, you've pulled."

Daddy & Mummy penguin
I'm sure if you have little ones they are probably a bit obsessed with penguins at the moment. Our boy is and we made a beeline for penguin feeding at 3.30. Not before we stopped to pose for this elegant photo though. My boy took this one and I think he did a really good job. I mean we're both in the frame and everything !!

Penguin feeding
After all this excitement it was time to head home and we just had time to say goodbye to the Flamingos before we left. 

Bye bye flamingos
I would recommend Birdworld and the Christmas experience is also a nice touch. It's not too expensive and you can buy a ticket that includes entry to the park or not as suits you. I can see this becoming a regular seasonal activity for our family. 

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  1. This looks like a really fun day Swazi. you are right, it's about enjoying the lead up, not just focussing on on the one day. Have a good Christmas. Hayley x

  2. It looks like a really great day out, your little one looks like he enjoyed himself. I love the picture of him and the girl on the play area, it's so sweet how kids can just become friends instantly. Penguins seem to be all the rage at the moment so it's great you got to see some. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  3. I loved bird world when I was little my Nan and Grandad took me there all the time. Really should take the boys as it isn't far from us x