Monday 4 August 2014

Summer holidays: A story of claret and gold

So, the Summer holidays have begun and the long stretch of days to fill is before us. I've tried to find lots of fun things to do with my boy and even started a Facebook group to share ideas for free and cheap activities with other local families who might like to join in. It's a fine balance between staving off boredom and over filling the days and I'm already on the verge of a nervous breakdown as the reality bears little resemblance to what I had planned.

my boy hugging nursery staff
Last day hugs 

Here's how the first week panned out:

Plan 1: Go to the nursery leavers picnic and have a nice time then take him swimming with Hubbie and look forward to the holidays.

The Reality: He was so tired out by the 'graduation' (what is that about by the way - he's 3 !!) that he fell asleep in the car on the way to the pool and would not be roused. When he realised he was at home in bed all hell broke loose as he insisted he had wanted to swim after all. Then he had the mother of meltdowns during which he bemoaned, "I don't want to go to big school yet."

Plan 2: Summer Holiday Activities Morning - story time with Betty Balloon the story teller, Loom band workshop and face painting for everyone. In short, fun and games.

The Reality: The boy has his face painted as a pirate, refused to sit for story time and got bored after about ten bands (that's not even enough to make a ring !) I got stuck with an oversharing mum of 4 who I will now have to watch out for whenever I go into town !

Plan 3: Take the boy to the pub that shows kids movies in their screen room and then have a spot of lunch in their pub garden.

The Reality: He befriended the only other boy there and they screamed, ran around and rough- housed the whole time. My boy ended up with a massive nosebleed and 'claret everywhere' (including in my fit flops as I discovered when we got home !) He finally sat down to watch the end credits then asked if he could watch it again, *takes a deep breath.*

Plan 4: Take him to a sports and crafts day camp where he can run around for 3 hours - with a break for fruit - and I pick him up at lunchtime when he will have a nice nap with the lovely neighbour while I go for a swim. 

The Reality: Well when I left he was kicking the ball around and having fun. I got all my jobs done by 10am and am then sat in a workspace cafe with a cuppa and wifi. When I went to pick him up he'd had a lovely time and I was able to go for a swim while he spent some time with my lovely neighbour and her granddaughter. Phew ! 

Plan 5: A weekend of swimming, football and family fun. 

The Reality: My boy has gone from avoiding the big pool to swimming on his own (with armbands) in the space of 2 days ! To say I'm proud is an understatement - given the freedom and space I believe that boy can do anything :)

It would appear that it takes a few days for my son to really relax into his holidays - he is just like both his parents in that regard. As for the meltdown about going to school, well it's hardly surprising is it ? We've been talking about how he won't be going to nursery any more and it's not a bad thing, but it's ok to feel sad.

parragon gold stars book
Hard earned gold star

This week we're going to take him school uniform shopping with both his grandmothers and I hope that will engage him with going to school in a positive way. He's already been writing his name and working on his Parragon Gold Stars book so I know he is more than ready academically, but emotionally he may have a way to go yet.

Last week was sad and tiring for all of us, so I hope that the ones that follow will be happier and more fun. We have theatre trips, a movie screening and a more sports camps to look forward to. I really hope he enjoys them. 

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