Saturday 2 August 2014

My week in five headlines

Croydon cat captivated by loom band craze

white cat with red rubber band round paw
I think your paws may be a little big for loom bands Neo 

Threenager climbs to new heights at local park 

boy in yellow t shirt on climbing frame
climbing frame boy
boy in yellow t shirt at a climbing wall
he's at the wall 

Blogging moggy internet sensation

white cat lying next to a macbook
Cat and keyboard in harmony 

Mojito masterclass reinvigorates power station  

Battersea Power station
Ooh aaah !!
cocktail making
Muddling like a maniac
Making a mojito
Mixologist in training 

Baby basketball star: he shoots, he scores !!

basketball and boy
He prepares

throwing the basketball
He aims

shooting a hoop
He shoots 

successful basket
He scores !! 

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