Monday 11 August 2014

Conversations with my toddler

I don't get to talk to adults that often. When I do I have to adapt to conversation that isn't scattered with non-sequiturs or interrupted for song breaks. Having said that my son provides me with some eminently quotable moments. Here is a random sample of some of his latest conversational gems.

Butter wouldn't melt: 

Nearly 4 year old: Mummy can we go and see your friend and the two mans ?
Me: Who do you mean darling ? 
N4YO: The ones we saw yesterday.
Me: Oh you mean Aunty SJ, her husband and her cousin ?
N4YO: Yes. 
Me: What will you do if you go there ? 
N4YO: I can have cake and a cup of milk.
Me: Really ? Not watch the massive TV screen they have ? 
N4YO: erm... No. 

Comedy genius:

My brother: Does he get on better with Neo now ?
Me: Yes, they're the best of friends aren't you ?
N4YO: Yes
Me: What do you do when Neo says miaow ?
N4YO: I give him biscuits.
MB: No wonder you're such good friends. What happens if you say miaow ?
N4YO: Neo gives me biscuits

Social commentator: 

Hubbie: Oh look the Esso garage is closed
Me: I wonder if it's being closed down or refurbished
N4YO: (from the back of the car) I think it's being refurbished
Me: Really ?
Hubbie: I think it's being refurbished too
N4YO: Stop copying me Daddy !

A born negotiator:

N4YO: Mummy, can I have a snack please ?
Me: Yes of course honey. What would you like to eat, fruit or a hot cross bun ?
N4YO: Can I have sweeties ?
Me: Was that one of the choices I gave you ?
N4YO: No
Me: What do you think then ?
N4YO: Can I have sweeties later if I'm a good boy ?
Me: We'll see (mumspeak for no)
N4YO: Can I have sweeties today and be a good boy tomorrow ?
Me: No.

The apple of everyone's eye:

Me: You know that Nanny and Grandma are coming to see us tomorrow don't you ?
N4YO: Yes
Me: Do you know why ?
N4YO: Because they love me ?
Me: Obviously

Two days later

Me: You know you're going to see Nanny for the weekend don't you ?
N4YO: Will Dash and Masi be there ?
Me: Yes they will.
N4YO: Because they love me. Obviously.

When you talk to a toddler as much as I do it's nice when sometimes it's worth sharing with grown ups :)
Testing, testing, is this thing on ? 

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