Wednesday 6 August 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year :)

As we start August the countdown to the start of the football season begins in this house and for Hubbie that means looking at the logistics of getting to away games and for me it's the pure joy of having Saturdays to myself again :)

I love my boys - of course - but I do enjoy having Saturday afternoons to do with as I please. The time is spent alternating between doing the chores and meeting with friends for lunch or matinees at the theatre. Both options are relaxing for me believe it or not.

Stay and play Crystal Palace stylee 
So we've been in the warm up period for his blissful season as there have been friendlies to go to and the boys get back into their regular routines. This weekend they went to Diddy Dinos which is a stay and play at Crystal Palace Park that my boy loves to go to. He often has a football activity there, then plays on the toys and if he's not too tired he goes to the park to play on the rides there.

Nacho Libre
Police speed camera ?

I mean who can blame him loving it there with all the dressing up clothes, role play toys and outdoor space to play in ? On this visit he was at turns a policeman, Nacho Libre and a shopkeeper. Not a bad afternoon's work really.
Managing the car pool 
Easy rider 
Zoom to the moon 
Then on Sunday the boys went to watch a friendly game and my boy saw his football buddie Freya. They've been going to games together for over three years now and are the best of friends. It's a lovely friendship and one that probably wouldn't exist outside of the non-league football world.

Watching the action 

Yes he is in the NUJ

One man crowd 

Post-match analysis 
From next Saturday the season proper begins and I am already planning my days. I can't wait :)

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  1. He looks like he's having great fun at Diddy Dinos and meeting up with friends at the matches. Thanks for linking up and sharing his fun with Country Kids.

    1. Did you spot his Coombe Mill cap Fiona ? It's his favourite hat at the moment and he wears it everywhere :)