Thursday 20 March 2014

You must be this tall to ride the World Wide Web

It's been 25 years since Tim Berners-Lee launched the World Wide Web - which apparently is different from the internet, but I don't really know how so I won't pursue this point. I was not an early adopter having learned typing rather than 'keyboard skills' and I handwrote all my essays at uni rather than typing them - the only lad I knew who was allowed to type his had special permission due to his  dyslexia. The computer at school took ages to 'warm up' and we all had to take turns to use it so I never got a go.

My first keyboard was a portable typewriter and when I was editing the university arts pages I had to sit with the designated geek who used a Mac to set pages to my specification.  No one was allowed to touch anything as it was all so precious and expensive and he had studied maths at Cambridge (and had met Stephen Hawking) so he was clearly the only person qualified to use a computer. It's fair to say that we have come a long way since then. So, to celebrate I thought I'd share what I have learned from the World Wide Web:

1. If I was an Avenger I'd be Iron Man - even though I'm no genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist

2. Posting schmaltzy messages about how much you love your kids/hubbie/family will just get you sarcastic comments 

3. If I was a mythical creature I'd be a fairy (wtf ?)

4. Reading Twitter while watching a TV show means you will inevitably stumble upon a spoiler  

5. If I was a character in Sherlock I'd be Irene Adler - Oh yes !!

6. I am richer than Croesus when it comes to shopping online - apparently money is no object when there are pre-filled payment details 

7. If I was a Joss Whedon character I'd be Buffy - Yes ? You have an issue with this why ?

8. I've watched far more action movies than is strictly necessary (thanks for this one Cath !)

9. Online quizzes are addictive and I should really get a life

10. A photo of a cat will always get far more likes than anything else you ever post

Here you go :)

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